Two new images for new Toy Story short: 'Small Fry'

Source: MovieBlog


Synopsis: "Blame it all on toy envy as a Happy Meal-type toy at a fast-food restaurant yearns to break out of his glass display case to play just like a real toy. He kidnaps Buzz Lightyear in an attempt to take over his play-filled existence... The life-reversal forces the real Buzz Lightyear, voiced by Tim Allen, to deal with a support group for discarded, unloved fast-food toys." -

Oh this is some good news, here we have two new shots of the latest Pixar short, titled 'Small Fry'. 

'Small Fry' takes place post-Toy Story 3, which, for those of you haven't seen yet, ends on a pretty promising note.

Anyway, so this will be shown before the US release of "The Muppets", which, I assume us UK folk won't get to see this until March of next year. Behold: two images:



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