Assassin's Creed film adaptation gets turned down by Steven Spielberg and other Studios?

Source: IGN Movies

This is an interesting piece of news -

Citing various unnamed insiders at some of the studios that passed on the project, Vulture reports it was largely a matter of creative control. The deal allows Ubisoft approval over everything from budget and script to casting and the release date. "They want to be able to pull the plug on the whole movie's development if they decide to. It's ridiculous," said one boss at a studio that dropped out of the bidding. Another studio exec involved said that while they understand Ubisoft's need to guard their baby, "they're not moviemakers, and the only way to make sure it's a bad movie is to undervalue what movie studios do — and this is a deal that totally undervalues what movie studios do."

I'm glad AC was passed on. The last thing the iconic franchise needs is a film to tarnish it's legacy. I can't think of a video game - film adaptation that's been any good. With the demise (or hiatus) of the Halo movie, along with the Gears of War film that was meant to happen, I'm not surprised Games aren't being made into feature films.

I'm not saying AC shouldn't be made, I'm simply saying that rather than being rushed into production, take some time and let the franchise grow a little more before it's even touched on in a different media.

If you want a live action Assassin's Creed-type dealie, check out Showtime's TV show - The Borgias.



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