Writers of Captain America 2 (2014) say that it will be "primarily set in modern day"

Source: ComingSoon.net

"I think it's safe for us to say that it's primarily set in the modern day,"  "That seems to have been the biggest question people have been wondering about regarding the sequel... [W]e've been left with room to explore Cap entering the modern day wondering, 'What is all this? What's happened to the world' and so on." "We made a movie where the world was in context for Steve Rogers," "It was a movie where it was a more pure time, where there were clearly black-and-white, right-and-wrong, good-and-evil scenarios. And Cap is a guy who symbolizes that. Now he's in the now, and there is nothing black-and-white. So what do you do with that guy? How does he react to a much more uncertain time? So you're given this huge new palate to work with, but you can keep him the same."

it might be a little better than the first installment, to be honest. The ending was the most interesting part, the idea that he's completely new to an entire world is a concept that works much better than- well, basically "America, f**k yeah". It was an American propaganda film from the start. Bleugh. Whether they were going for this or not isn't relevant to me.

Anyway, this could be released sometime in 2014, maybe later, dates aren't confirmed as of yet.


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