Metallica: in 3D!?

Source: SlashFilm


Oh no. This isn't exactly GOOD news, but it's news nonetheless. I'd like to see a Metallica film, but in 3D? It seems highly unnecessary.

The following comes from SlashFilm through Deadline:

Metallica are planning to self-finance a 3D feature film, I’m told. The band has hired producer Charlotte Huggins to get the ball rolling. She has produced the 3D films Journey to the Center of the Earth,and just completed the sequel Journey 2: The Mysterious Island, which stars Dwayne Johnson, Michael Caine and Josh Hutcherson. The band’s now looking for a director with the stones to direct a Metallica-style feature. This would be the first major film made by the band members, but Metallica has already made a strong impression on the medium.

Not sure whether plans would go ahead or not, we'll have to see how this progresses.


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