Review of the Spider-Man (2002-2007) series of films

Off the heels of an exciting NYCC, I figured I'd review a trilogy that's had it's fair share of controversy (of course I'm talking about Spider-Man 3) as well as it's fair share of loving fans.

I think when the first Spider-Man came out around 9 or so years ago, people were amazed and excited at the release of the film. That, and that it was the most decent comic-book film adaptation to have released in recent times. It had it all - great story, brilliant references to it's comic counterpart, and a great cast to boot.

I guess what lacked from these films was Spidey's comic humour. This was a major part of his character that was absent from the on-screen version for some reason. He was a lot less wittier than I was used to, but it didn't seem to matter - it worked well for the films.

I don't have many negatives to say about Spider-Man (1 &2), but the third. Oh the third. Why the film was how it was is beyond me. Now now, it had it's moments, but there were other problems with this film which led to it being the least critically-popular film in the trilogy.

The problem was, there were too many primary characters in the film, and they were all dying for screentime. Venom, Sandman, 'New Goblin' - REALLY!? That's THREE (slash two) villains in this film? Now that's just major overkill. There was far too much going on; Sandman had problems, Eddie Brock was a jealous little shit, and New Goblin- Well he had his own shit to deal with. I got what he was all about; the revenge, I understood, fine, but the name. Why did the name have to be so damn generic? Why not something cool like Dyno Goblin or some shit!?


Now that The Amazing Spider-Man is just over the horizon and having seen some exclusive footage at this year's EMPIRE BIG SCREEN, I can safely bet my soul sand say that this 'reboot' is going to be my most anticipated film of next year, and will most probably be the most Amazing one yet. Pun definitely intended.


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