A re-review of Avatar (2009) by Kazed

Okay, okay. It's been almost two years since this was released, and for a few months now I've wanted to 're-review' the famous Avatar - Lord of (Suicide) Dreams.

This is something I wouldn't usually do- changing my opinion on a film, but at the time of it's release, I suppose I, like many others was amazed at how visually stunning the blockbuster was. Unfortunately, this was blanketed by the poor story and lacklustre dialogue. Yes, I gave it a 9 back in 2009, which is a near perfect score, but I guess visually it's a well deserved score. HOWEVER. Under the NEW rating system, Avatar won't hold up so well like it did back then.

This was meant to be a short, nice little refresh for the previous review I had written a couple of years ago. The only reason I'm doing this was because it doesn't deserve the full 9 I gave it. For the most part, the previous review was right on the button, it's just the rating- it was too high.

Here we have the new, revised rating:

Performances: 7/10

Plot: 4/10

Visuals: 9/10

Dialogue: 3/10

Overall: 6/10 - THIS is what the original rating SHOULD'VE been. Luckily, the visuals saved it's ass, otherwise, it would've been a pretty below-average flick.


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