Review for 'Last Night' (2011), starring Keira Knightly, Sam Worthington, and Eva Mendes

Synopsis: Michael Reed (Sam Worthington – Clash of the Titans, Terminator: Salvation) and his wife Joanna (Kiera Knightley – A Dangerous Method, The Duchess) seem to have it all. Young, attractive and successful, the couple share a perfect life in the heart of Manhattan. But when Joanna witnesses a suspicious moment between Michael and his beautiful co-worker, Laura (Eva Mendes – Bad Lieutenant, Hitch) an insidious seed of doubt is thrown into the marriage, one that is deepened by an encounter between Joanna and her former flame, Alex (Guillaume Canet – Tell No One, The Beach).

I  received a copy of the DVD courtesy of the lovely people at Romley Davies, and hadn't heard of the release until the day I received the email, outlining the film. So, without hesitating, I requested a copy of the DVD to review, being a fan of both Knightly and Worthington, I was looking forward to seeing the film.

10 minutes in, and I was instantly hooked. Seriously, I never would have thought I would have with a film like this, but I was ever so surprised. What got me hooked were the performances. They were without a doubt- brilliant.

The opening scene with Worthington and and Knightly was great. None of it seemed 'acted' to me, it was all so natural, real, so...honest. Likewise, with both performers' characters, they were actually believable, rather than two 'good-looking' people put together for the sake of a film. Not only that, it was a believable story, I suppose because it's something that would resonate with audiences who have been/are in relationships.

Although the film was slow at various points throughout the film, I was still quite engrossed into what was happening. The slower parts were in between the main plot points, I suppose that's stating the obvious, but it's worth pointing out that they weren't that bad.

The ending was the most interesting for me, though. Think of it as being like... Inception. "What? Inception? THIS movie?" I hear you say.  Yep. It's difficult to figure out what happened after the film ended, and even now I'm trying to think about it. It was pretty mind-boggling.

I don't recommend films that much, in fact ever, but I would most definitely recommend this film. If you like the romance, and the drama, and the feeling that you're happy to be single, then grab this on Blu-ray or DVD through our sponsor, plug).

Anyway, the ratings:

Performances: 8/10

Plot: 7/10

Visuals: 5/10

Dialogue: 7/10

Overall: 7 - Only a 7 because of the slower moments, but a well deserved 7 nonetheless.




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