Blu-ray review for 'THOR' (2011)

Synopsis: The powerful but arrogant warrior Thor is cast out of the fantastic realm of Asgard and sent to live amongst humans on Earth, where he soon becomes one of their finest defenders.

This'll be a first of what I hope to be a long line of home release reviews. First up though, THOR on Blu-ray. I'll run through the various features available on the disc itself, and write up a short little review for each section.

The film itself, of course requires no review, as I stand by my original take back when it was released(You can watch it HERE)

"Marvel One Shot - 'The Consultant'" 

This was a nice little short showing the events leading up to Stark's confrontation with General Ross regarding the Avengers Initiative. It's a short 4-minute clip, it's mostly Agent Coulson and one of his colleagues discussing the Avengers Initiative, but I won't go into much detail with this. It's better if you watch it for yourself, it'll give you a nice little insight into The Initiative, but not too much.

This here's the first clip:

You can find the rest in it's entirety on YouTube. I couldn't find one I could embed due to copyright restrictions.


The featurettes are an incredible look at how the various stages of the film were put together; from the conception to it's translation to screen from the pages of the iconic comic.

There are some brilliant clips of the amazing set construction for the small town in New Mexico, the Throne Room in Asgard, and the Rainbow Bridge, to name a few.

The featurettes are a delicious slice of the THOR 'making-of' cake, and provide a fascinating insight into how much thought, time and manpower went into creating such wonderful set pieces and character costumes.

"Delete Scenes (w/ commentary)"

Watching the deleted scenes with the commentary on was somewhat irritating, simply because the sound levels were all over the place. Director Kenneth Branagh's commentary was interesting, but the problem was, that his voice was a much higher volume than the actual footage, so when he had done speaking, the clip was quiet, and was difficult to hear what was going on in the clip. Yes, I realise by putting the commentary on, the idea is to listen to the commentator- not the clip. Other DVD's didn't do that. Just sayin'. Other than this minor issue, though, the deleted scenes were average at best, though some do explain how particular events led to one another in the film, like the coronation of THOR, and also expands a little on the characters development for The Warriors Three, for example.

Overall there isn't much variety in terms of special features on the disc, although there is a choice of deleted scenes/featurettes, a bloopers/gag reel is something that is a rare addition to many home releases these days. Is it worth your money, though? Yes. Yes it is.

Rating (out of 5): 





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