Muni on TV: Made in Chelsea, An Idiot Abroad, Celebrity juice, Entourage & Wilfred

Made in Chelsea

Ah UK TV, how you never seem to disappoint me. Made in Chelsea came back onto our screen last week, and we got to see how the rich people live, again. Haha don’t get me wrong, as much as some of the people on this show annoy me, I still watched this show for its sheer over the top lifestyle, annoying accents and their pitiful attempts of having issues that we should care about.  The second series introduced us to some of the familiar faces as well as introducing some new faces, most notable ones were Jamie (a friend of Spencer), Hugo, Chloe (Ollie’s new girlfriend. That’s right from being gay to then being confused then getting a tan, he’s decided to go back to women). Gabriel is still as annoying as ever and you can clearly tell she still hasn’t gotten over Ollie, really?!? I swear I saw a name of one of the people called Gabalicious, seriously? Anyway expect the same relationship issues, awesome scenery, lovely clothes and the same relatively dull scenarios, which will undoubtedly make you cringe. Enjoy the filth factor.


An Idiot Abroad

Karl Pilkington needs to have a camera on him 24/7, as he is the funniest man on earth, hands down, no one comes close to him. An Idiot Abroad series 2 started and this time Ricky and Steven have sent Karl around the world trying to tick off some of the things off a bucket list. In the first episode Karl chooses to spend time alone on a desert island, sounds simple right? Well Ricky and Steven, as always, have things up their sleeves to annoy Karl on his journey. I was laughing in bits by the some of the things Karl come out with, and he’s being serous, he never says anything in a jokey way, and that’s where the joy lies in watch a middle-aged man doing something he hates and being half-hearted when doing things. I honestly think the show sells itself and there’s no need for me to write anything more. This is an amazing show and very funny to watch.


Celebrity Juice

Keith Lemon was back a couple of weeks ago with the new series of Celebrity Juice, and as usual it didn’t disappoint. This show has been running for a while now and I mean there’s really not much I can say. It has a cult following with loyal fans who tune in every week to watch it. Some of the things that come out of Lemon’s mouth is downright stupid and silly, and at times hilariously genius. “Mot mot,” anyone? Anyway back to the show its crude funny and outrageous, but a fun watch- you’re bound to laugh out loud.



8 episodes is just not long enough in my opinion for a final season of Entourage, however I would say I wasn’t left disappointed in how the show ended. Vincent Chase, Drama, Turtle, E and Ari were back for a final run, which could be resulting in a movie in the near future, look out for that one. This show from day one has never disappointed me, I want to hopefully one-day work in LA in the film or TV industry and this show encapsulates everything there is to know about the Hollywood industry. I love the realness of the characters and in season 8 you feel part of the “entourage” and go on a journey with Ari trying to get back together with his wife, with Turtle, who wants to make it on his own. Even Drama and his TV show, you want him to succeed. The thing that did disappoint me was E and Sloan, don’t get me wrong its always wonderful seeing Emmanuelle Chriqui on-screen, but it felt that the writers could have left the 'will they won’t they' arc out for the final year. It was nice to see Vincent take a backseat after his meltdown at the end of last year. That was the only downside to the final season, I really do hope they make a movie as it would be difficult to never know what’s going on with their lives. A great end to an illustrious show.



I love that a few months ago when I was surfing the web trying to find new shows to watch that I stumbled across this show. When I watched the first episode I was hooked a great concept, a fantastic cast and a lovely story, now the shows even being aired in the UK on BBC 3. Well its good to see the show finally come to an end, I don’t mean that in a negative way, it’s come to the end, and should be granted a second season, I can't see it not getting one. Anyway, I love that there’s always some sort of moral or message behind each episode as it opens with a quote or a saying. I love how Wilfred always ends up getting Ryan (played by Elijah Wood) into trouble, and somehow seems to succeed. I’m looking forward to next year to watch the new season, and see where the writers go from here.



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