Muni on TV - 5 US shows that are going to be huge this year

New Girl

So Bhav has already reviewed this show in depth and said everything that I wanted too, its worth a read, so I’d say go have a look at it. I will say that I’ve been looking forward to this show when I first heard about it. Zooey Deschanel as a quirky, nerdy, cute hart broken woman who moves in with 3 guys is in it self a wonderful concept. The pilot episode was very well put together; it introduced all the characters and gave a warm feeling to the characters. However, I think I already know how this show will end, it’s a shame but I’m not complaining, simply observing. I got a feeling this is going to be a huge show and will gather a big following, I’m not sure anyone in the UK has picked up the rights yet, but they should. People get on this bandwagon!

I’m in love 8/10

2 Broke Girls

I remember a few months back I saw the trailer for a this show, and I was intrigued. I have a little crush on Kat Dennings, (but I have a HUGE crush on Zooey), regardless, I gave this show a watch, and when it first started it took me a while to get into. Towards the end I was surprised by how much I got into it and liked it. The show follows two waitresses Max (played by Dennings), a young woman who lives in Brooklyn with her boyfriend and works two jobs just to get by, and Caroline (played by Beth Behrs), a rich girl from Manhattan who’s broke after her father gets done for scamming other people, who ends up getting a job in the diner. The show has some room to grow and towards the end both girls have a goal, which will be the arc of the first season. I’ll definitely watch a few more episodes and see if I get into it.

A solid 6/10

Up All Night

Another comedy for you to get your teeth into, Up All Night is about a couple who have their first baby and how they cope with parenthood as well as their jobs and bringing up a child. The show stars Will Arnett and Christina Applegate, as the budding new parents. Both are very funny, and I was actually laughing out loud in the two episodes that I’ve seen. I like Arnett he is ridiculously funny and really is the star of the show. The show also stars Maya Rudolph, as Ava who is Christina’s character, Reagan’s boss. She brings a different but funny dimension to the show, which is perfect. The actors all work well together and have a lot of charisma on screen. I honestly think this is going to be one of the funniest shows on TV, definitely one to get into and watch.

A lovely 7/10

Terra Nova

Right, that’s all the comedy done, now to look forward to the epic hour long drams that will have us hooked for the next 8-9 months. I’m going to start with Terra Nova. Now I want to quickly state that this show hasn’t aired yet on TV, it will be aired tomorrow and I’ll be watching it on Tuesday and will give a full review then. However, for now I will say that this: from the trailers that I’ve seen, Terra Nova is going to be a big show, something like Heroes and Lost. The show centers on the Shannons, an ordinary family from 2149 (when the planet is dying) who are transported back 85 million years to prehistoric Earth where they join Terra Nova, a colony of humans with a second chance to build a civilization. I got a feeling that this show is going to gather a huge cult following and, if it is well written and has a good arc over the first year its going to be a big hit with the audiences. Also there will be dinosaurs! How lovely.

A killer 7/10

Pan AM

The final show which I’m going to say is going to be huge in 2011 – 2012 season was tough. I don’t watch a lot of hour-long drama unless they’re really good. It was a toss up between Pan AM, a period drama set in the 50’s about the airline industry and the glamorous life that came with it, or The Playboy Club set in the 60’s about another glamorous side being in the infamous Playboy Club and about the bunnies. I’ve seen, The Playboy Club and will review this shortly, but what I would say about that show is that, It felt like the show was trying too hard to be like Mad Men, and it was failing in all departments. However I haven’t seen Pan AM yet as it airs tomorrow, so I’m just basing it all on trailer and from what I believe will make a good show. I love period shows, I’m a huge fan of Mad Men Boardwalk Empire, and the Kennedys so this should theoretically be up my street. However, this is going to be to network television which comes with a lot of rules it has to follow, meaning it’s not as free as HBO or AMC (cable networks), which are given free reigns on what they can do. I’m glad this isn’t another cop show, medical drama, or legal production. We will have to wait and see what kind of reaction the show will get, but I have a feeling it will be a positive one.

A flying 7/10


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