Bhav on TV: New Girl

Let me preface this review with an admission of bias. I’m kinda in love Zooey Deschanel and by kinda I mean hopelessly. The way she dresses, her geek chic, her smile and those amazingly piercing blue eyes makes me wanna jump on a plane to LA and ask her to be mine. Admittedly the love affair is sort of one way at the moment but give me time I’m sure being the face of KnowHow will put me on her radar eventually and one day lead to our epic romance.Before the restraining order arrives I am only half serious about my love of Zooey. After watching ‘500 days of Summer’ you will be mysteriously drawn to her and want to do those naughty internet things like Wikipedia and IMDB. After doing such acts I came across an upcoming show this autumn staring Zooey as the lead in her own comedy TV series.Based on this knowledge I have been looking forward to this show for quite a while. Piece by piece it shaped up that it would a 30min comedy about a kooky girl named Jess picking the pieces of her life after she finds her boyfriend cheating on her. Helping her in her quest will be her 3 new male roommates as well as her model best friend. I thought the concept was interesting but not really ground breaking. It was picked up so I thought it deserved a watch. The show opens up with Jess catching her boyfriend Spencer in the act, leading her to move out and look for a new place to live. Answering an ad on Craigslist for a new roommate she mistakenly thinks its for a female apartment, she meets Nick, Coach and Schmidt. Once Schmidt hears she is friends with a model an executive decision is made and they decide to live together. The rest of the episode and likely the rest of season will be about zany Jane and the situations she gets into. The roommates are a little stereo-typical at the moment, but saying that there wasn’t a lot of time to get to know them in a 30 min show including breaks. Coach, my favourite, is very primal and will shout whatever his first reaction is, for example when Zooey is describing her new ‘Jeggings’ his reaction is “WHO CARES!” Schmidt is the known douche of the group and using their knowledge of this to their advantage the roommates created a Douchebag Jar to cash-in (it’s used three times in this episode alone). Lastly Nick is the normal guy of the group who is recovering from a bad break-up, despite it happening 6 months ago. Overall the show was what I expected - decent with some laugh out loud moments. Though it needs to be said the show has already lost my favourite character in Coach. Damon Wayans Jr has returned to Happy Endings after it was picked up for a second season, and will be replaced by Winston the actual apartment owner, who has come back from playing Basketball in Latvia. I like the show and its format, and the fact it doesn’t have a laugh track which makes a change from the current range of comedic offerings. I am going to keep watching  but moving forward one-note roommates need to be fleshed out a little more. I give it a solid 4/5. Top Quotes: Pink wine makes me…Slutty. No, no it makes no different to me, I just wanted to set her trash cans on fire. You know what, you guys were right, I spoke in short sentences, I didn’t sing, I laughed, I smiled I said I need rebound sex and it totally worked! He asked me out. Please put your shirt back on; please don’t make me laugh at you. We’re her boyfriends. We are reverse Mormons, one man just isn’t enough for her.


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