Muni Reviews: Senna (2011)

Synopsis: A documentary on Brazilian Formula One racing driver Ayrton Senna, who won the F1 world championship three times before his death at age 34.

I want to start of by say that the director did a stunning job to go through all the archival footage to pick out some superb shots, the film is visually stunning and it looks fantastic. I got thrills watching this, and it definitely game me goose bumps.

The story was very compelling, and watching the rivalry unfold in front of my eyes between Senna and Prost, was incredible to watch. You could see the determination in both of them as they fought with each other for the coveted title.

I’m a huge fan of F1 and follow it when its on TV, so watching this made me an even bigger fan of the sport. I was born in 1988, whilst Senna was becoming a household name around the world. Its great to see how the cars were back then, as well as the racing drivers, it really brought me closer to the sport.

Throughout the film you could see the Senna only wanted to drive and win, there were a lot of politics in the sport, and you could see that clearly visible in the film. Some of the scenes were Senna gets upset was emotional, and difficult to watch. You could see the passion in him and how hurt he got with the politics within the sport.

The documentary also show how Senna rose to fame, his many women in his life as well as the upbringing he had which was different to most children form Brazil.  The film is very poignant and definitely very thrilling to watch.

I believe after watching this film it made me more aware of the man who most people regard as the greatest racing driver of the century. Before I watched this film I had known some stuff about him but after watching it, the film gave me an insight of how great the sport was back then.

Overall I’d say this is a tender, sweet, thrilling and exciting film to watch, it has everything form drama betrayal, excitement and more. I would recommend this film, and as a documentary it is one to watch.



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