Marty McFly's Nike MAGs from Back to The Future Part II on sale on eBay

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Yesterday, we reported that the famous shoes from BTTF2 were going on sale. What we didn't realise was that they were going on sale TODAY. Well, kind of. Nike are selling a 150 pairs a day on their eBay Page, and unless you have $4000+ to spare AND live in the US, you can forget about buying these bad boys. OR, you could wait until 2015 and buy the 'power lace' version Nike are promising to release. Only thing is, reading the FAQs of the Auction, "The 2011 NIKE MAG shoes are not designed or intended for normal wear and use as footwear." which is kind of disappointing.

Still though, we can all hope when (if) Nike DO release actual MAG shoes, that they are able to be worn.

All proceeds made during this auction with be donated to Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson's Research.

Check out this cool video promoting the shoes starring Bill Hader, NBA star Kevin Durant along with a familiar face from the future.


I have to say, aside from Kevin Durant's horrible 'acting', that was a pretty cool ass clip.

Also this, a special message from Michael J. Fox


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