Muni on TV: Outnumbered, Jersey Shore, Happy Endings and Beaver Falls

Outnumbered (new)

As the new series of Outnumbered started on Friday, I was filled with huge optimism, I didn’t even realise it was starting until someone posted it on facebook, oh the joys of social networking! Anyway the series where it left off making me laugh uncontrollably. The reason why the show is successful is down to the casting of the children they are brilliant. The chemistry between the parents and children is key to the show being as successful as it has been. The children have grown but they have become a lot wittier and very smart for their age. Always a wonderful watch.


Jersey Shore (new)

I can’t believe I didn’t review when it started last month, a massive fail on my part. Anyway the fist pumping crew are in Italy! & What a time the GTL crew are having in Europe. It the same on concept they drink, they argue, the sleep with girls who are DFT, in our case twins! And obliviously the Sammie and Ron fiasco of a relationship, which in my eyes is a pathetic excuse to call a relationship, blow up in to a fight between Mike & Ron. I always enjoy watching trashy TV and Jersey Shore does get a lot of stick, but when it comes down to it a lot of people watch and it draws huge rating for MTV. If you’ve been a fan you wont be disappointed, if you’re new to the show go a head and watch in all its glory.


Happy Endings (new)

When I saw the advert on E4 for this show, I was honestly confused why they were going to start showing this show. I remember watching the pilot a couple of months back, I’ve got the first season and didn’t go beyond the first episode, so that is what I am judging it on. I didn’t like it one bit!! OK so that might be a bit harsh, but the show started with so much promise, it had a unique taste on a 20 something friends’ sitcom. But the characters were very dull or annoying or non likable. It was disappointing to watch this and ill be honest, I should watch a few more episode to judge the show fairly, but I wasn’t impressed and don’t think a lot of you will be too. If you disagree let me know.


Beaver Falls (final)

I can’t believe the last time I did a TV review this show was just starting, and now a lot of weeks after the show has come to an end. I’ll be honest E4 has done a great job making this show. It’s always done well marking toward teens and young adults, form Skins, The Inbetweeners, and now Beaver Falls. I think a lot of people have become a fan of, Flynn, A-rab, and Barry, who travel to the US for some camp action. Obviously when it first aired it looked like another teen comedy drama, but as the show has developed it has brought out the complexities within each characters. The show is well written and the acting is great. The show has a great blend of humour, action and drama. I am honestly going to miss this show and I l=think a lot of people will to. It sad to get so attached to characters and shows, I hope is back again next year, ill be disappointed if it doesn’t.




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