Trailer for Human Centipede 2 (2011)

Tom Six, director of 'the Human Centipede' promised that his return would make his first endeavour look like 'My Little Pony', and with the outright ban from the BBFC of the film, it looks like he wasn't lying.

The trailer for the second 'full sequence' is built on what you don't see, it uses extracts from the letter sent by the BBFC to the film makers, put together
with images of reactions to the footage.

Actors or not, the trailer is a horror fan's dream.

The film franchise can be slated for continuing the bad nature of the so-called 'torture porn' genre, but it's ban in the United Kingdom came with the warning that the aesthetic and nature of the film posed true danger to an audience, so it must be cranking up the elements of horror to a new level.

See the trailer here:

The teaser trailer for the second film actually made me chuckle, being called Martyn and all, give it a peek see below:

What are your thoughts? Has horror truly gone too far? Are the BBFC right to tell the public what they can and cannot see? Is this all an over hyped bluff?


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