Kushal Reviews: Columbiana (2011)

Luc Besson's production team never disappoints. They don't necessarily excel but you definitely get what it says on the tin. The innaccurately titled Colombiana (Colombia is barely in the film 5 mins) should maybe have been named after it's main protagonist, Cataleya (Zoe Saldana). There is no hidden mystery, no twists and turns and the everything you predict happens as you envisage it. Don't worry - you're not a telepath, it's just a very very predictable story. It's Leon, with a girl. It's girl's family killed, girl gets revenge. It's been done and done and Colombiana does nothing in terms of story, style or direction.

There is however, one saving grace. Zoe Saldana dives into this role so deeply that you find yourself almost fixated at her every move. She moves, climbs, crawls, kills and disappears with such grace that you believe everything you seen. Never too strong, never too soft. This Zaldana showreel is well worth buying a bag of popcorn for. Think "lovechild of Leon and Aeon Flux".



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