Kazed Blogs: 5 pieces of Music in Film/TV that give me goosebumps

I'm a huge lover of music in Film/TV, and without the music, the Film/TV show would fall apart. It is the glue that holds the Film or TV Show together.

I've compiled a small list of pieces of music I particularly love, and are the ones I find most effective in it's respective media.

Now this list isn't just a random ol' list of five pieces of music I think were cool. No no, these are pieces of music that give me goosebumps. That give me shivers all the way down to the base of my foot. These are the pieces of music that are my Top Five, if you will.


This is a great one. The scene where Dave Lizewski (Aaron Johnson) tries to be a badass and jump over two buildings was a great moment in Kick-Ass. With this music added, it just makes the scene work so well. The build-up, the feeling as though you're going to fly, then the realisation that you're actually a bit of a pussy; all of this was contained in this short, but great little piece of music that reflected it's counterpart ever so well.

This one right here is a little more subtle than the last, yet it provides an inspirational factor that many scores have. I remember watching this so many years back, and remember how warm it felt listening to the theme. I bought the boxset and had to listen to the theme on every episode. It was a brilliant opener for one of the most epic television shows to grace the airwaves in the past decade.

I guess this could be the one that got me excited about the scores in Film and TV. Aside from being the epitome and the catalyst of (good)Comic-Book films, the score for Spider-Man was a fitting score for the film. The theme, in particular had again, reflected scenes in the film perfectly. 1:00 into this video was the sound of Spider-Man soaring through the New York air, and a little towards the end of the clip, 2:37 to be exact, is the realisation that Peter Parker is, and always will be Spider-Man.

X-Men: First Class was a fantastic film, but the soundtrack was brilliant. In particular, this piece of music I've selected. When this music began playing in it's respective scene, it juts felt like a training scene. Had it not been for the music, the scene would have felt flat and would've failed to make as big an impact as it did with this piece. The most notable part for this particular piece of music though was the moment where Erik (Fassbender) harnesses his true power without ever having to become angry. This was truly a shining moment in the film and the soundtrack.


Ahh. I had to test this one out to be sure. The second that bell rings, boom, shivers/goosebumps. In comparison to Band of Brothers, the show fell slightly short below it's predecessor, but that's not to say it wasn't good. It was way above average, but the soundtrack had far succeeded Brother's, as demonstrated in this piece. There are't a lot of words to describe what and how Honor represents Pacific, but I know that it's well deserved being top on this list. Damn, I seriously have no words!

Now it's your turn: What're YOUR top 5 pieces of music in TV/Film?

Do you think there's anything that's missing from this list? Let us know in the comments below!


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