Bhav on TV: Teen Wolf Season 1

OK is just me or have MTV recently decided to make some pretty decent shows? I may be lambasted for saying this but I am RJ Berger fan. I am a Teen Wolf (TW) fan. I am on the way to becoming an Awkward fan.

When I heard MTV was making a TW show I was thinking or hoping it would somewhat of a modern day rehash with a twist or two. Coming from the channel that brought us “Snookie”, I was expecting another sexed up teen show with crude jokes and no plot, essentially the American version of Skins with werewolves. What I got when I watched was a Taylor Lautner fan’s wet dream, all werewolves, no vampires. Saying I was a little disappointed was an understatement; the only similarities I could come up was the name, it’s based in a high school and he’s on the sports team.

But I kept watching because it had 2 of the 3 things that usually draw me towards new shows. When it was being funny I actually laughed and it had a hot female lead (seriously check her out Crystal Reed).  So I kept up with it and I was actually surprised how it managed to keep me hooked week to week. It wasn’t just a soppy mushy love story, it wasn’t an afterschool special with a werewolf and it wasn’t an excuse to sell toys to kids. Though the numerous male topless scenes were getting a little old towards the end of the season (possible drinking game?).

There was a thought out history and background and the characters weren’t just clichés or basic archetypes slotted in to move the story along. The creators had done their research like in one of the episodes, mountain ash kept a wolf at bay, a quick google search later explained that in Belgian folklore no house is safe unless under the shade of a mountain ash. And for you fight club fans there is a recipe for Molotov Cocktails in one of the episodes.

After watching the entire series I can honestly say it was great story arc with some nice twists and turns, though I won't recommend it to everybody, I wouldn't discourage others from watching it either.

It just leaves me wondering how they are going to top it with the next series without resorting to adding any new monsters (please please please no vampires!!!!)


4 of 5


A little about me: I am a Accounting Graduate from Sheffield Hallam. Currently working for DSGi as a KnowHow Specialist in Leicester. I watch a wide range of TV from Dexter and Teen Wolf to Big B