'Making Ugly' Press release

Few months ago, we saw the trailer for this film, and now, seems like the film is seeking distribution. So here's the official press release along with a cool new poster for the Indie flick.
World Press Release: Squarebox Yellow LTD Announces Completion of Independent British Feature Film Making Ugly Directed by Andrew Niblo Starring Paul Quinn, Jamie Jack Gordon and Margaret Ann Bain

Today 16 August 2011 Squarebox Yellow proudly announced the completion of its maiden feature film production Making Ugly, a British independent thriller shot on the minute budget of £7000 across London and Edinburgh.

Making Ugly is a provocative, dark thriller, the debut feature film of writer/director Andrew Niblo. Making Ugly features an impressive Scottish and English ensemble cast of rising stars from UK theatre and television. Already tagged as “the next great gritty British thriller” Making Ugly is a powerful experience that will keep you guessing from start to finish.










Making Ugly follows the tales of three captivating characters on a sinister journey. As the worlds they know are changing and crumbling around them, they too transform in ways that you would never expect.

Neil (Paul Quinn) is a tormented, exiled family man with a secret. Heather (Margaret Ann Bain) is a woman on the edge and about to discover her own terrifying strength. When the mysterious Stark (Jamie Jack Gordon) enters their lives he lures them into an ugly world of mystery and deceit. No one can be trusted when you are Making Ugly.

Behind the scenes the uniqueness of Making Ugly lies in the manner it was produced. From the initial stages of development, the producers faced the challenge of realising Andrew Niblo's vision and securing the necessary cast, crew, equipment and locations usually seen in mid-budget films with extremely limited funds. Through ingenious strategies and sheer determination, Mara Adina and Dara Carroll completed Making Ugly on the incredibly low budget of £7,000.

Squarebox Yellow is also very happy to announce that Making Ugly will now be entering it’s festival season with plans to screen throughout British, European and American festivals.

Making Ugly is currently seeking distribution.


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