Empire Big Screen Event: Saturday -Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 1 write up *SPOILERS*







This was an amazing event. Truly amazing. We got to see exclusive footage from Spider-Man, and man... wow... wow.  Unfortunately, we don't have any footage to show you, but something tells me the wonders of technology will help us out. Until then, I can at least describe what I saw.

I'm gonna separate all the footage I saw in different posts, just so it's more readable starting with The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 1. This was introduced to us by the lovely MyAnna Buring, who plays 'Tanya' in the film, who leads the 'Denali Coven' in Alaska. Anyway the footage we were shown were the Honeymoon scenes as well as a scene with something going on with the Werewolves. Then kind of a trailer too.

The Honeymoon sequence involved Edward carrying Bella into a honeymoon suite, and they exchange some pretty friendly banter, and it's pretty clear what Edward wants to do, that skeevy little perve. Good ol' innocent Bella just wants to chill out and not do the deed. So Edward wants to go for a swim, trying to find a way for Bella to get out of her clothes by any means possible. GOD what a perve. Bella prepares herself by brushing her teeth, shaving her legs, and other womanly stuff. So eventually, Bella is down to just a towel, and meets Edward on the beachside outside their suite. Naked, of course.

That's where that clip ended. The other one, the Werewolf scene, was pretty much Jacob saying some stuff to the Cullens, then meeting up with some of his pack to do something. I wasn't paying much attention at this point because some guy's camera got confiscated when he was taking pictures LOL.

Then we were shown a trailer(ish) with a bunch of random clips from the film. The clip ended with [spoiler]Bella touching her stomach- she was pregnant, obviously.[/spoiler]

MyAnna had said that the first part was 'more romantic' with the second being 'more action'.

Breaking Dawn releases November of this year.


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