Empire Big Screen Event: Saturday - Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows, Contagion and Final Destination 5







Continuing with the reports, lucky us had Guy Ritchie talking about Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows and the current progress of it.

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Ritchie had said that the film "Is close to finishing...", it "picks up almost where it left off..." and has a "few details left" before it's release later this year.

After this, he showed us some cool footage of the film, semi-completed, at that, like a lot of the footage we saw. Admittedly, I still need to watch the first film in the franchise, so while I still need to watch the first film, I still understood what I was seeing.

Next up was Contagion. The nice little piece of footage basically showed how the Virus is contracted across the world. The footage was nicely edited, showing a little caption at the bottom of the screen with the respective countries' population. It went across through a few countries, and if I'm not mistaken, the virus seemed to be able to spread through a telephone line, which is interesting. Although I may be wrong.

The next one was a surprising piece for me, Final Destination 5.

They gave us a cool look at the first scene, which was the traditional 'premonition'. Admittedly, it was actually better than the last film, which felt like a straight-to-DVD release. What they've done this time around is found new ways to kill people. Fine, that's what they do every time, but this time it's a little more inventive. The way they've kept the franchise alive is by finding new and innovative ways to kill each of the characters, and ultimately this, is what keeps a film interesting and fresh. Let's hope the rest of the film is as cool as the opening scene.


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