Empire Big Screen Event: Saturday – The Amazing Spider-Man

Empire saved the best for last, and so have I. The Amazing Spider-Man footage was (pun very much intended) AMAZING. The 6-minute piece of footage we were shown was truly brilliant. Even though it wasn’t complete and some of the visuals were half done, it was an amazing look at the next (first?) film in the franchise. What we saw could be compared with a trailer, but also had whole scenes within the footage.  In no particular order, we saw scenes of Peter Parker (Andrew Garfield) crafting the classic web-shooters; something I feel is a great addition to the film. It shows off Parker’s intellect brilliantly, I think. Something else that I was ecstatic about was the sense of humour that this version of Parker has that we didn’t see a lot in the Raimi-led franchise. In the footage we saw Garfield/Parker 'toying' around with a criminal. The criminal pulls a knife out, and Spider-Man pretends to cower in fear. Pretty funny stuff. He stands up and sticks the criminal to the wall and we see Spidey shooting his web (out of his hands, by the way) multiple times at the bad dude. It got a big laugh from the audience in attendance. I'm glad there was an inclusion of Parker's personality this time around, not like there wasn't in the previous films, just that this film seems to have a larger portion of it as opposed to just like a fraction of it. We saw some really nice verbal exchange between Gwen Stacy (played by the lovely Emma Stone) and Peter Parker in the hallway of the school. The chemistry is definitely there, and dammit, it's effing believable. With all due respect to Kirsten Dunst and Tobey Maguire, but Stone and Garfield are both brilliant performers, and their relationship on-screen was just great. Oh, and we also got an awesome look at Dr Curt Connors/Lizard. Man oh man was it amazing. I'll just go ahead and assume that a lot of you already know how it happens, so I'll leave it at that. It looked brilliant. Rhys Ifans seems to be a fantastic choice for Curtis Connors. This is shaping up really nicely, but I still stand by what I said before; it seems to early for a reboot, despite it looking amazing. This lands in theatres July 2012.   


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