EXCLUSIVE! New pics from Heinz field shoot for The Dark Knight Rises (2012) *SPOILERS*









These look great. Just look. Look at them. LOOK AT THE EFFING IMAGES.

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Wow, this is pretty sweet. I came across this ever so randomly. Trawling through reddit, I find these images(Through user thlnwsn). Here's an explanation of what's going on here, but be warned, there are some spoilers within!


It took place in Heinz Field in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. I was one of about 12,000 football fan extras to watch the Gotham Rogues take on the Rapid City Monuments (I know there are others from reddit who were there too). It took about 12 hours to film a scene that will probably be no longer than 5 minutes. Basically what happens is, shortly after the game starts, there are multiple explosions on the field (shot from the tumblers that Bane stole from Batman). Both teams are wiped out. There should be a really cool shot of Hines Ward (yes) running a touchdown as players behind him are exploding. Bane's henchmen (my bet is the League of Shadows) enter holding machine guns and they don't let any of the fans leave. Pretty soon nearly the whole field is reduced to smoldering rubble. Bane enters and speaks into a microphone. He says that he is taking over Gotham City. He also pulls a hostage man on stage and has a little bit of dialogue with him which we couldn't hear unfortunately. Then he appeared to kill the hostage. Tom Hardy's performance as Bane was pretty cool. What's most interesting that he was actually using a Russian accent instead of a Hispanic one. I guess it will be easier to tie him in with the League of Shadows if he is from that part of the world. Also, he had a very strange and troubled way of breathing. Maybe the venom is not injected into his skin, but breathed in through his mask. If anyone on reddit was also there, please chime in. I couldn't make out everything Bane said and I'm also exhausted so I'm sure I left some details out.


You can see a lot more of these images here.

Source(s): Description of the events that occurred

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