Lola reviews Studio Ghibli series: Arrietty (2011)

For anyone who isn't familiar with this movie, it is the latest release from the magical Studio Ghibli who have brought us many wonderful films such as Spirited Away and Ponyo. With many wonderful films under their belt everyone awaits for their inevitable flop, I mean it happens to everyone, right? Not this time. This film is truly wonderful from the get go.

Arrietty is an anime version of the borrowers, which instantly made me happy because I remember the tv show as a child which I turned into an awesome playground game thus resulting in many happy memories... Anyhow, back to the movie:

The main character in this movie is a young girl named, yep you guessed it, Arrietty. She's fast approaching 14 meaning she's to learn the skills of 'borrowing'. Her first borrowing mission is cut short however when a young boy sees her trying to 'borrow' a sheet of tissue. This is of course the worst possible thing to happen to the Borrowers who strive to remain unseen as a matter of live and death. However, instead of trying to catch them, the young boy and Arrietty strike up an unlikely friendship...

I wont say any more about the plot, as I would not like to ruin it for any of you.

[hdplay id=7 ]

While it may not be an action packed movie it certainly was an absolute treat for the peepers, and made my heart swell with joy. My only negative points being it was a little bit slow to start, and there was a super cheesy farewell between Arrietty and the young boy, but it was still lovely, and I left feeling very enchanted.

Well done Ghibli. 7/10.


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