Hi-res image of Henry Cavill as SUPERMAN from Superman: Man of Steel(2013)








O M G.

How awesome does this look? Then, Superman Returns  had it's awesome scenes too, so you never know- then again, I have faith in Zack Snyder, who's directing Superman this time around.





Looks pretty great, don't you think?

The suit looks great. I have no qualms about that. The only problem I'll have is if it doesn't have a tolerable storyline like Returns. I will admit to this though, I had no problem with Brandon Routh as the last Superman. Unfortunately, he was thrown into a Kryptonite disaster, so really he had no choice in the matter.

Do you think Henry Cavill will make a good Superman/Clark Kent? Discuss in the comments below!

Superman: Man of Steel lands in cinemas June of 2013.

Source: ScreenRant


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