Lola Reviews: Captain America (2011)

I have to write a review about this movie, as I thought it was spectacular. I have seen however, that some others beg to differ (Kazed - grr) and I suppose in a way this could be seen as an argument for the movie, rather than a review. But who the hell cares, I'm going to do it anyway.

This movie was always going to be a little bit awesome, just for the simple fact that it's about Captain America. He's awesome, he's american...and ladies, he's really sexy. Casting Chris Evans as Steve Rogers was a genius touch, as we see in the beginning of the movie he can look equally dorky as he can look majestic. Dorky Steve Rogers was brilliant. My sister watched the movie with me and until I pointed it out she had absolutely no idea that the body didn't belong to the actor. Awesome.

I really liked the rest of the casting, especially Dominic Cooper playing Howard Stark (Swoon!). Hugo Weaving as Red Skull was a nice touch also, playing the villain role exceptionally well, as he usually does.

The story itself was magic in that it was simply and brilliantly a comic book movie. It didn't try to stay within the limits of what people might conceive as believable, instead it was ridiculous and unbelievable, but also awesome - like every comic book is.

I could go on about the movie, but I know i'm going to just blab on and on. Basically, it's a great comic book adaptation. And if you're still on a high from the Thor movie, make sure you stick around until the end for a super exciting teaser trailer....


Ps Sorry for the excessive use of the word 'awesome', but once you see the movie i'm pretty sure it'll be the one word you use to describe it :):)


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