Muni on TV: Wilfred, Beaver Falls, Web Therapy







Sorry Movieville folks I haven’t been keeping on top of my reviewing duties, I guess I’ve been distracted, but fear not I’m back reviewing shows and films alike.









So I was basically stalking Rashida Jones on IMDB and stumbled across this show, which I absolutely adore. It stars Elijah Wood as Ryan who is trying to commit suicide but fails. He has a hot neighbour who asks him to look after his dog, the only thing is Ryan sees the dog as a human and thus the hilarity ensues. The really cool thing about this show is that the characters are so well put together the stories are very funny and the acting is superb. It’s a shame after Lord of the Rings, Wood hasn’t been able to get other roles as Hollywood generally typecasts a lot of actors. However I believe this will help Wood establish himself as a wonderful actor, and the fact that the show is pretty damn funny it will sell it self.

I’m 6 episodes in, and there are 13 episodes so it’s definitely worth getting into.


Web Therapy







This is a show, which has just recently started in America; its co created by Lisa Kudrow from Friends fame and also stars her in the lead role as a therapist who does therapy online over a webcam. Ok so there are some annoying things about this show Lisa has an annoying accent, it sounds like she goes from posh American to British English its weird, I don’t know if she is doing it on purpose, but you can hear the difference which is a little off putting. That put aside the concept is very funny and the characters are very funny. I was laughing pretty hard at some of the stuff. I like at the end there is like a blooper bit, which alone gets me laughing, so that is enough for me to tune into it.


Beaver Falls









So E4 has once again created a show that appeals to the audience that have loved The Inbetweeners and Skins, and I believe that they’ve created shows that are going to be successful for them. The show follows 3 guys from England who somehow lie their way to America to work with a prestigious camp with the intention of pulling girls and having fun. The first episode was very engaging and funny; it set up the characters very well and had a good pace throughout the first episode. It’s always hard to judge a show on the first episode but I believe the show will only get better. It is well written and had me engaged throughout the whole show; this is definitely worth a watch and believes most of you will like it.



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