Paradise Lost (2012) first concept art

With 2012 set to be one of the biggest summers for film ever, and also the year coinciding with the turning of the Mayan calendar, it makes perfect sense to create Paradise Lost.

Paradise Lost is John Milton's poem, depicting the battle of Heaven and Hell, which is going to ooze into Alex Proyas' blockbuster. Proyas is the director of 'I, Robot' and 'The Crow' so expect big bold visuals with a slightly mature approach to the fantastical.

Here's the first of the concept art, a teaser taste of what's to come.

paradise lost concept art

It's nothing much, but it gives a slight sense of what's to come. Bradley Cooper of 'The Hangover' and 'Limitless' is set to play Lucifer, with a release of Summer 2012, book yuour ticket for the end of the world.


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