Second Screening: Chuck







Chuck (season 1, 2, 3 & 4)

So I’m reviewing this for the second screening things were doing on, which is pretty exciting. I used to watch this show religiously every Tuesday after it aired in America on Monday.

I loved the idea of a geeky guy who works for tech services (the nerd herd) at Buy More, a company a bit like Comet or Currys. Who ends up with the entire secrets of the CIA implemented in his head through a series of images sent to him by an ex friend and CIA agent Bryce Larkin.

In the first season a, CIA and a NSA agent are sent to protect Chuck, and as the show developed Chuck falls in love with his Handler Sarah, played by Yvonne Strahovski. Along with this his best friend and fellow Buy More employee Morgan brings an entreating angle to the show. As well as the smaller characters like Lester and Jeff aka Jefster! Furthermore bring an outstanding presence to the small screen.

After the first 2 seasons the show became slightly repetitive and you would know what was going to happen which was a bit disappointing, as well as that the ‘will they won’t they’ storyline got a bit dull. However, for its downside the show is funny filled with good amount of drama and comedy. It also shows nerds in a very good light and that’s always a good thing in my eyes.

Overall I’d say give this show a go, I think its showing on ITV 2 in the UK so go on and watch Chuck kick some butt. As far as I know the fifth season airing in America will be its final season so watch and see how the show ends, hopefully without any clichéd moments.

7/10 (season 1 & 2) 7/10 (season 3 and 4)


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