Muni on TV: Party Down, It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia

Party Down (season 1 & 2)

The one thing I love about the Internet is that there’s so much on there, you’re bound to stumble upon stuff you wouldn’t necessarily stumble upon. One of those things is film and TV shows. Last month I was on IMDB doing my usual thing of strolling through countless pages of actors and actress and looking at what they’ve been in. That’s how I found this show and OH MY GOD thank god I did!

The premise is pretty simple: a group of wannabe actors, writer and Henry who’s only claim to fame is having a catchphrase in an advert years ago, work for a catering company. Each episode follows the group to a different function and looks at their behaviour whilst they work. Apart from the boss they don’t really give a crap about their job and they never seem to put much effort in either.

The cast is fantastic. Ken Marino, Adam Scott, Jane Lynch and Lizzy Caplan just to name a few. The cast works so well with each other and bounce off each other too, their chemistry is fantastic and really makes the show work. The writing on the show too is wonderful its just so funny and very well written, there aren’t a lot of criticisms I could give this show, but it’s so underrated and only a handful of people actually know about this show. So that’s why I want each and every one of you to give this show a go and watch it.

Unfortunately after two seasons the show did get cancelled as a result of cast members moving on to different shows, so for what its worth I would say go and watch this if you’re a fan of comedy, fan of Paul Rudd as he’s one of the creators and overall just want to get into a show that’s truly fantastic.


Its Always Sunny In Philadelphia  (season 1 & 2)

I got this show from a friend, and a couple of my friends at university recommended this show to me but kept putting it off as it didn’t appeal to me as I didn’t really know anyone in it. I was however pleasantly surprised by how awesome this show actually is. It has a wonderful ensemble and is very well written.

The story’s pretty simple three friends own a bar in Philadelphia, Charlie, Mac, and Dennis as well as Dennis’s sister Di who works there too, and the mischief they get themselves into.  Each episode has a different story and it’s always something ridiculous and bizarre.

The characters are very outlandish, stupid, and crazy and this mixed with the crazy situations they get themselves into is utterly funny.

The second season introduces Dennis and Di’s father Frank played by Danny DeVito, and he brings a fresh approach to the comedy show.  There are 6 seasons so far and I’ve only gotten through 2 of them. The seventh season will be starting soon too in the US. I’m not sure if there’s any network in the UK showing this show, but there should be because this show is superb and excellent.

I’m looking forward to watching the rest of the seasons and see what the gang gets themselves into. I would again recommend this show and say it’s worth watching. At times the show does seem to get a little overly crazy but its worth watching it.



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