Dredd (2012) first image

Judge Dredd has been a huge part of comic-dom, but not so much film (thanks to the dreadful interpretation with Stallone as the title character). In the year of 2012, this could all change.

Since The Dark Knight, a lot of the studios have wanted their superhero films to walk on the darker, grittier path paved by Bruce Wayne and Ledger's archaic Joker, so naturally, cue Dredd.

In short, Judge Dredd is a juggernaut, a titan of a man with justice in mind and a gun in hand. Some have said he's a futuristic Dirty Harry, which in truth, he is.

Here's the first picture of Karl Urban as comic company 2000 AD's adjudicator:

What do you think of the first image? Dredd is set for a 2012 release date, and yes, he is the law.


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