Muni Reviews: Bad Teacher(2011)

When I went to the cinema last week I was hoping to watch Bridesmaids but as it was sold out I decided to give Bad Teacher a go. When I saw the trailer there were some funny moments but it didn’t stand out to me even with a good-looking cast.

Cameron Diaz plays Elizabeth Halsey who just after finishing her first year teaching middle school has to come back for year two when her rich fiancée dumps her for only marrying him for his money.

She doesn’t like to teach the kids and makes them watch films in class all day, however when she hears that the best class gets a bonus she decides to cheat and win, and with the money get a boob job.

The jokes are funny when they happen, the unfortunate thing is that as a comedy, it doesn’t deliver, I wasn’t constantly laughing, I chuckled here and there but it didn’t stand out as a comedy, which was a huge shame.

Story aside, the characters were pretty dull and unoriginal, you can tell that the actors are trying hard to make the script and story work but with the characters being so two dimensional its very difficult. Justin Timberlake was good eye candy for the women, but brought a cringe worthy performance which I was upset about as I thought he did a great job in The Social Network. The only saving grace of the film is Jason Segel who is by far the best thing about the film.  The ending is also a better ending for these types of films, so credit to that.

The directing is nothing new and fancy it is however simple and clean cut it works well and it looks like the director got what he needed from the people around him. It’s a shame he didn’t take a risk to create anything original shot wise and it looked pretty bland throughout.

Finally the music and the soundtrack was your typical mix of indie pop rock songs and didn’t have an impact story wise or on the film. That’s not a bad thing but again like the film it didn’t leave a lasting impression on me.

Overall I’d say that if you want to watch this film wait until it comes on DVD or better still on TV, trust me your not missing out. It’s a wannabe comedy that falls short from coming together.

Directing 6/10

Acting 4/10

Story 5/10

Music 5/10

Overall 5/10



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