Muni on TV: Sopranos, Apprentice, Dirty Pretty Things

TV shows of the Week

The Sopranos (a complete review of the show)

This show about the Mafia in New Jersey, the show ran between 1999 – 2007 and was a huge success critically and commercially with high viewing figures for the network (HBO.)  The story revolves around Anthony "Tony" Soprano and his life as a father, husband and leader of a mob in the 21st century. He is also seeing a psychiatrist for his problems of blacking out. The show goes on to develop wonderful characters from his wife Carmella, and children AJ and Meadow, both of whom age well on screen and have a great presence. Furthermore, the other mob members and gangs are terrific it is so well put together everything on the show is plausible and believable, and portrays an excellent way of mob life in the 21st century.  Throughout the series, Tony is faced with many challenges and has a lot to deal with and that’s what I love about the show there’s always something amazing going on in the show never having a bad episode. The final episode and the final scene is talked about but true Soprano fans, I won’t spoil anything but I was left speechless for a while after seeing the ending. The show is realistic, compared to many other mafia shows and movies I have seen. Overall I’d say if you want to watch something old and interesting and with great compelling stories to cinematic style in directing I would whole heartedly recommend this to you, trust me you wont be disappointed.


Dirty Pretty Things

This is a show that’s started on E4 about 8 different models, modelling for a well-known photographer. Each of the individuals has a back-story and what they hope to achieve in the modelling industry. The premise is simple following the lives of the individuals and is with them whilst they are on there own personal journey.  I’ve watched the first couple of episodes and both have been a nice watch, but nothing amazing. It has a good concept and a great cast of models, but it does lack something, heart, charisma - I don’t know but something’s missing. Anyway I’ll see how this one pans out throughout the series.


The Apprentice

So the final was on last night and my god was it as enthralling as it could have been, the last four Susan, Helen, Jim and Tom. Four talented and vastly different candidates were in the final week pitching their business plans to Lord Alan Sugar’s closest colleagues as well as the man himself.  The final had a lot of the typical stuff from Lord Alan’s aids, mocking, humiliating, degrading and crushing the final candidates, but it was a surprise of who won. The final two left were Helen and Tom, Helen the most talented of them all of the candidates winning 10 and only losing 1 task throughout the entire series fell at the last hurdle with her weak business plan. That left Tom to get the win for the new chair design and the inventor did it for the geeks, nerds and the quirky men all over the world. I’m glad he won; he was an underdog from the beginning and deserved to be in the final as well as being the winner of the show. This has been an entertaining series of the apprentice and one that will be talked about a lot of people for the winner, Mr. nice guy.  Great show as always and I’m looking forward to the junior apprentice.



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