Glee: The Concert Movie - in 3D (2011)

WOW. This seems completely unnecessary, but then again so did Transformers 3.

I'll be honest. When Glee first began, it was different. It wasn't like the other musical type dealies out there. It was a unique and different show. Then began the spontaneous singing and dancing. They couldn't leave it in the rehearsal room. No. They had to move it to the car park, to the supermarket, to the cemetery, to the bathroom wherever you can name. Ridiculous. It became a ridiculous version of High School Musical.

Anyway, here's the trailer for the convert film - in 3D. JOY.
[hdplay id=2 ]

Okay, so now you've seen it, you'll only have 2 weeks to catch it in theatres starting August 12th.



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