John Carter (2012) teaser trailer

With all the trailers this week, you would think that the studios are trying to tell us something! It would probably sound something like 'go and watch this', but whatever, we here at Movieville just want to keep you up to date.

We've had Sherlock Holmes, The Dark Knight Rises, Hugo, The Thing in the space of just two days! now here's another:

John Carter, Disney's next shot at a live action franchise comes to life in this short yet poignant teaser. Accompanied by a decaying rendition of Arcade Fire's 'My Body Is a Cage' howled by Peter Gabriel, the visuals take us through many beautiful landscapes populated by interesting characters.

If I had kids (not a hint Lauren) I'm sure they would be waiting eagerly for this. It just feels like a film I would have been crazy about, just being excited by the idea of the cinema, let alone the film I'd see just doesn't happen anymore, yet this reminds me of when I would watch the teaser for Toy Story, and beg to go.

John Carter you have snuck into my good books on the basis of my nostalgia and acceptance of nerdy story lines, please don't disappoint!!!

John Carter hits cinemas on the 9th of March 2012 in both 2d and 3d


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