Second Screening - Entourage

So, after Martyn introduced the idea of 'Second Screening' to the site, I figured what better time to talk about this then now.

Initially, while Entourage was airing over in the states, I was aware of it's existence, but hadn't actually given it a chance. It was only until this year, during it's seventh season that I started to watch. It was actually Muni who introduced me to the show, so I figured why the hell not.

Let me summarise the show for you. It revolves around an already relatively famous actor, Vincent Chase(portrayed by Adrian Grenier), who travels everywhere with his entourage (big surprise, eh?). His entourage comprises of his manager, 'E' who has been Vince's best friend since they were kids, Johnny Chase, Vince's Z-list actor brother, and Turtle, the driver/slave boy. Jeremy Piven, playing Vince's agent, Ari Gold is an amazingly humorous character, and most definitely the highlight of the show. His over the top offensive attitude is hilarious to watch, especially when at the expense of lesser characters.

The premise is simple enough; basically what Hollywood is like from an actor's perspective (and immensely entertaining too). Almost every episode has a guest star ranging from 50 Cent to Mandy Moore, to Seth Green, Anna Faris- the list literally goes on and on.

What interested me the most about this show was the electric chemistry between the primary cast members and how their relationships evolve throughout the series. Although some of the performances were lacking a few times, it didn't detract from the brilliantly concocted story lines and guest appearances.

With the final season just around the corner and a film being talked about after the end of the series, Entourage is definitely one to watch, especially if you like seeing the glamorous Los Angeles full of the facades they call celebrities. No I kid, but still, it's an interesting insight to how the film/tv industry/Hollywood is from an actors perspective. Not saying it's a 100% accurate, but you never can tell.

This gets a 7/10



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