Martyn on TV: The Killing - El Diablo

Well, tonight's episode of 'The Killing', entitled 'El Diablo' was something special. The story developed just that little bit more, not giving away too much, leaving space for the writers to add that little bit more to the existing characters.

We were treated to some deceit and foul play with the politicians, some beautifully crafted street work from 'new-to-homicide' detective Holder, and the family values of the Larsens being put to the test. The episode went from classic police 'catch the killer' style pacing at first, with suspects on the run, before switching to the slow pace of the political side, where treachery is afoot, then finally taking it down.

Without giving too much of the narrative away, the episode took me further into the story, building the characters and their believability whilst expanding the environment of Seattle. It was a great episode, yet up until the final ten minutes couldn't reach the heights of the previous two episodes. It did hold me throughout, but the excitement of it being a new series has worn off already, and I'm left impatiently waiting to find out, who actually killed Roise Larsen?



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