Muni reviews: Anuvahood (2011)

Afternoon, welcome to my weekly film blog, this week ill be reviewing Anuvahood, part written, part directed and part starring Adam Deacon. You may know him as the guy from Kidulthood & Adulthood.

Anyway back to the film, when I first saw the trailer I thought this film was something new, it wasn’t a “gangster film” but more of a comedy set in London.  After seeing the film I was surprised with the amount of comedy action and drama in this film. It reminded a lot of a film called Friday staring Ice Cube and Chris Tucker (a film I would highly recommend). The characters were familiar and at times a little bit clichéd, but I wasn’t expecting anything spectacular, that doesn’t mean it was bad, but it was a decent attempt on creating characters.

The story was again pretty simple and understandable and won’t use a lot of your brainpower, it works and with the characters it has a good blend of wit and humour. It is a typical 90 minutes of comedy and it works, their writing is pretty good and stays true to its roots using teenage lingo, which gives it a sense of realism.

The music used within the film is good and works well in the scenes used; it has a good variety of music for the soundtrack and is worth a listen to.

Finally the directing of the film was good, the film had  some appealing visual shots and I believe the cinematographer did a good job capturing shots that were appealing and fascinating, for both directors I have to say they did a good job.

I have a new rating system, which I will use in my future reviews, I’m going to start with this film first and see how it works.

Directing 6/10

Acting 5/10

Story 6/10

Music 7/10

Overall 6/10


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