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Lead Balloon BBC 2

So it was the end of the fourth series and what a way it ended, let me just say that I’ve become a fan of Jack Dee whilst watching this show, and my god he has not disappointed this series. I didn’t really know what to think about what was going to happen to this series as it still had the regular cast, and I didn’t really know where the story would go. I think it has been a successful series with a great story throughout, the Robbie Coltrane  episodes were really good considering the second episode was just between two people and was still entertaining. Overall I’d say this has as usual been a wonderful show to watch and a definite show to catch on the iplayer.


Right so I was hoping to review The Sopranos this week as well but as it has been a busy week, I’ve been rushing to finish the 6th and final season, but not done yet. I’m sorry about this and will get it reviewed for next week. Spending so much time watching The Sopranos I haven’t really been able to watching anything else. However I would say I caught the last 15 minutes of Dirty Sexy Things on E4, and from what I saw I would definitely be tuning in next week as well as catching up on 4OD. There is a show called The Hour that starts on BBC2 around the 17th of July will let you know about the date next week, from the advert the show looked very unique and interesting and definitely will be watching that. Also, Teen Wolf started this week on TV and I didn’t even realise this was being made. Silly me! Again from the advert the show looks like a mix of Smallville with a bit of Kyle XY and One Tree Hill, a pretty unique mix, will try to review next week. Finally from what I believe the final episode of The Kennedys will be on BBC2 next week, so will review tat in a couple of weeks too.

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