Muni reviews: Transformers: Dark of The Moon

First of all I just want to say that I’ve been a fan of the transformers franchise, and after the blip of the second film I was eagerly anticipating this film. After watching it tho I was left with emptiness inside of me and couldn’t really place my finger on what was missing. Was it the special effect, no that was one of the best work I’ve seen in a CGI filled film. It was however the poor acting of Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, yes she’s cute, fit and every 14 year olds dream girl. Megan Fox are some pretty big shoes to fill, and looks wise she filled it but acting wise she was disappointing, and didn’t in my opinion really add anything significant for the franchise.

The story was good, not great, it established the story and had a decent pace throughout the film. Again as it is marketed towards young teens obviously they wont see the flaws the more adult audience would see.  Marketing wise it hits the spot and obviously with the box office revenues it clearly shows.  But from a film fan point of view it missed its mark in making this a great film.

Shia as usual has to carry most of the film and as a leading man does an admirable job. I’ve always been a fan and think he will turn into a leading man, which is evident in some of his other work.

Finally the CGI animation itself is top notch, with the film being 80% animation of course it had to deliver and my god does it, it is fantastic, the attention to detail by the animators is amazing, a big thumbs up to them.

Overall Michael Bay has done his usual job in creating a two hour film filled with the usual action romance drama and animation. I’ll say go watch it its good, good to see with your friends and definitely one to go watch with the kids.



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