Muni on TV: Top Gear, Sirens, Spartacus, Made in Chelsea and Wimbledon

Sirens Channel 4 Series 1

To start of this weeks TV review, I’m going to begin with this new comedy/drama about 3 paramedics driving around in an ambulance and saving lives. When I first saw the trailer for the show I honestly thought this was a comedy as I found it really funny, plus with the addition of Kayvan Novak (fonejaker/ facejacker) I didn’t really think much of it. However after watching the first episode (which is an hour long) I have to say I found it amusing, intriguing and decent watch.  I’m just basing this on the first episode, but the characters are not your usual type, which is good as they bring something different, and the writing is funny when it needs to be. I didn’t like the fact that its an hour long, I know that is silly to say but I honestly thought this was a half hour comedy show, it is much more then that, and right now I don’t know how to take it. I’ll review this again at the end of the series to see how I have taken to it.


Top Gear BBC2 series 17

So top gear is back with Clarkson, Hammond and James, and its your usual mix of cars, women, celebrities, challenges and the Stig! There really isn’t anything more I can say as its been sunning for so long, the show has its core fan base and a large following. However what I will say is this, I didn’t enjoy it as much as I thought I would. Don’t get me wrong yes it was entertaining but I guess it wasn’t anything new, I was expecting the same moments form previous series. However I will say this it doesn’t really need anything new or anything to change, it is what it is and it works.


Spartacus: Blood and Sands FX?

A few weeks ago I started watching Spartacus, I had it on my hard drive given to me by a friend, and they had recommended it to me but I kept putting it off. Well what an idiot I was for putting it off, this show has everything and more, bloody, sex, violence, and special effects, but overall it has a fantastic and captivating story. You see the lives of men turning into gladiators, and one man in particular, Spartacus.  The characters in the show are amazing, there are too many to choose from and that’s why I believe this sow works so well. The story is well told and it’s just so entertaining and fascinating to watch. This is just a one of series, but there is another Spartacus, which is a prequel, I will review that in the future.  I would highly recommend this show if you’re a fan of Roman mythology or even a good show then you would truly enjoy this.


Made in Chelsea E4 Series 1

Let me just start off by saying that I am a fan of “The Hills” and those types of shows, teen/ young adult reality. So when I saw a trailer for this I was intrigued to see what this would be about. The premise of the show is pretty simple following the trials and tribulations of 20 something rich people living in Chelsea, (a well off part of London).  The first episode was good it established the core characters and the drama that would be played out during the course of the first series. However the more the show went on the more ludicrous the show went. I hated watching some of the people on the show, people like Francis, Ollie, Cheska, Binka, Mark-Fancis, the list is endless. I thought I would enjoy seeing what these people lived like but the more I watched the show the more I felt sorry for these people. They are obnoxious, unbearable pompous dicks! There just a bunch of spoilt arrogant pretentious people who have the money but I wouldn’t want to be their friend as they just come across as shallow and dull and insecure. I’m truly disappointed by the lack of chemistry between the couples and honestly don’t think this is worth watching.



Finally a quick little post on Wimbledon, it has been a compelling watch the past two weeks and it looks’ like Murray is not going to be in the final, (I am writing this whilst watching the match). My safe bet is on Sharapova to win the Women’s final and for the men’s, I’ll have to go with Djokavic. I hope you’ve enjoyed watching it as much as I have and good luck to everyone who is in the final.


On next weeks review, I will be going through Lead Balloon (which I was going to review this week but its not the series final), The Sopranos and anything else that I might be watching,


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