Kazed on TV: True Blood

Having just started it's fourth season, I figured now is as good as a time to do a little post on this. I'm a big fan of True Blood, I see it as Twilight, but for adults. Or men. Or Adult men. And Women, of course. Just adult.

True Blood is a gritty, sleazy, slutty, dirty, nasty, whorish piece of work, and although all of those words basically mean the same thing, there are an unlimited amount of words one could use to describe TB in a positive light.

It follows a young waitress by the name of Sookie Stackhouse (Anna Paquin), who lives in a small town, Bon Temps, Louisiana. She encounters a large number of mythical creatures, and along the way discovers things about herself and her family which are quite unexpected.

The show basically revolves around Vampires who actually live in harmony (kind of) with humans in this small town in Louisiana. Well, kind of. That's most definitely not the primary story of the show, there are many surrounding elements that make the show, but I guess a large chunk of the series revolves around Sookie and her relationship with the one billion year old Vampire(He's not that old, I just couldn't be bothered to Wikipedia it), named Bill Compton(Stephen Moyer).

Although it can get a little slow at times, there's enough excitement in each episode to keep you entertained for the hour.

With season four already started,  the first episode showed us that there are still a billion other stories to be told(not a billion, it's just safer saying a billion in case they do stuff a billion stories into one episode. You never know.).

I should mention that True Blood is based off a series of books named something something southern vampire blah blah. Look it up on Google or something. Not really relevant, just thought it deserved a mention.

Anyway, if you're into Twilight and you LOVE shiny vampires and R-Pattz and Bella and Edward and that gay wolf guy, then this is definitely NOT for you. Avoid this. Completely. True Blood is violent, gory, bloody, and definitely not for tweens.




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