Muni on TV: Game of Thrones, Falling Skies, Grand Designs & Wimbledon

Game of thrones HBO

So as the first season of the fantasy drama ended on Sunday, people were left amazed and surprised by the ending. This has been one my favourite shows to watch and the characters and story have been a delight to watch. The scenery is outstanding and it is truly remarkable the amount of effort the production company has put into making this show. Yes the death of Sean Bean’s character was a shock and he will be missed, but the other actors have stepped up, and have had a commanding presence on screen. You could be mistaken for thinking I’m in favour of the House of Stark, I feel myself leaning towards the Targaryen’s and after Khalesi’s revelations at the end of the final episode of the season has got me aching to watch the second season. If you haven’t watched this show yet I’m sure you’ve heard about it, if you’re looking to get into a fantastic show then I would recommend this show to you.


Falling Skies TNT

This new show by executive producer Steven Spielberg is a cross between Walking Dead meets War of the Worlds. The premise of the show is rather intriguing, the aliens have been on earth for over 6 months and the humans are trying to survive. Lead by Noah Wyle as Tom Mason a history teacher who is part of a group of people trying to survive, he’s not the leader but he’s high up the food chain. The first two episodes that I’ve watched are well directed the idea is an intriguing watch, that said it is similar to the Walking dead which may be a good thing; we’ll just have to watch and see where the writers take us. I really like it and believe you will like it to if you’re into your alien invasion post apocalyptic world scenarios.

7/10 (could go up or down depending on how the season pans out)

Grand designs More4

Now this show has been on for a while now, I never use to give much thought to it, use to catch episodes here and there, my housemate Stacey was a big fan so here’s a shout out to her. Anyway back to the show, it looks at an individual or a couple who design a distinctive and unique building for them to live in. The designs are not your traditional designs and the buildings look exceptional. When I was young I wanted to be an architect but I did not go down that route, I do hope to design a house for my family and me in the future, and believe everyone has an ambition to have there own mark on this planet. I love this show and love seeing the devotion the people have put into making there home.


Wimbledon BBC 1 & BBC 2

Wimbledon is back, and this year it is looking as fascinating as ever. The first week is drawing towards a close and my god there have been some sensational matches that have already taken place. A game I was looking forward to was Isner vs. Mahut, if they sound familiar its because they had the longest match in history over 11 hours played. This year however it was a straight sets win for Isner. Andy Murrey is flaying the British flag and is doing well, honestly I don’t think he will win, my money is on Nedal.  This one is for the sports fanatics and definitely worth a watch, always an enthralling watch captivating the audience around the world.


On next weeks reviews I will be going over Channel 4’s new comedy Sirens, as well as the new season of Top Gear, which is on this Sunday. As well as the new series I will also be talking about the final episode of Made in Chelsea and Lead Balloon.




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