Kazed Blogs: Harry Potter and The City of Movieville PART TWO

This past February, I did a blog post on the first five Harry Potter films. Now that I've seen the whole series(excluding The Deathly Hallows Part 2, of course), my opinion is definitely a little more different than it was a year ago.

It was the last film that completely changed my opinion on the franchise, because it was truly an amazing spectacle.

You can check out the video review on YouTube.

Anyway, after watching them all, it's the last one that impressed me the most.

I mentioned this in the last blog, but the maturity levels in the entire cast just soared as the films went on, especially the final installment, was just beyond all of my expectations.

In comparison to the first film, the last film was just amazing on so many levels, the visuals, the performances, the dialogue, exceeded the first film by a billion miles(or kilometres, whatever).

The Harry Potter series is definitely a refreshing change from those preceding it, and it's continuity factor was a large part of it's greatness for me.





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