Muni on TV: Another 4 shows I've been watching


Angry Boys BBC3

This show by Australian writer actor Chris Lilly is a mockumentary comedy that attempts to show the lives of average Australians. If you every watched his other show summer heights high, then you will enjoy this. I actually did watch that show and found it entertaining and funny, however whilst I was watching this I actually started to get bored by its lack of originality and was not entertained. The characters are a very one-dimensional and honestly would not recommend it, my verdict give it a miss really not worth it.


Shameless US  More 4

I’ve been a fan of the original UK one and as always I’m very sceptical of remakes of any shows, however from looking at the adverts that have been running on TV I believe that this may just be a hit. William H Macy in the lead role looks like a perfect fit as Frank. The show looks like they’ve stayed close to the story and characters and believe that this show is going to be a hit. My verdict is that watch it alone and the advert and I hope it lives up to it.


The Kennedys BBC2

The Kennedys are quite possibly the most famous US presidential family in history, and now we get to see there lives unfold in this fictional show. With a star studded cast and excellent writing and directing, the show follows the rise of JFK and how he came in to power as well as the issues he faced whilst he was in office. My verdict is that this is definitely worth a watch, with a great ensemble of cast and a fantastic story I believe that this is worth a watch.


8 Out of 10 Cats Channel 4

I’ve always been a fan of this show and I’m glad it’s coming back, the same host Jimmy Carr and regular guest patterns. This alone is worth watching it and if you’re stuck indoors on a Friday night then give it a watch.  There’s not much I can say as the show sells itself, if you’re a fan of comedy then this is a show for you. My verdict is, watch it and love it.




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