Kazed Video reviews: The Hangover Part II

What bothered me about The Hangover Pt II was that it was pretty much the same film as the first. The structure, the 'comedy', the plot, all very closely resembled it's predecessor. The only difference was a few more characters and a new location.

The humour in the film wasn't really humourous either, the only time I found myself laughing was at the end when the group were reviewing the pictures of the night before.

To a certain extent, it was nice seeing the characters unite again, but not enough for me to be that interested in the film.

The Hangover Part II was an overrated, overhyped piece of work, but that's not to say it was a bad film, it just severely lacked what the first film had:  uniqueness.

This film was a perfect example of playing it too safe, by keeping it very similar to it's precursor. In doing so the creators of the film didn't want to lose the charm the first film had. Well, they lost it, and with a 'Hangover III' already being talked about, I for one seriously doubt it's credibility after seeing this.




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