Trailer for Making Ugly (2011)

Check this out: an indie which will be making it's rounds to a Festival near you this Summer.

Here's the synopsis: Neil (Paul Quinn) has his habits; he drinks too much and smokes too much. He also kills too many women. In a city of millions, who will notice? But someone has, a tape is sent to Neil with footage of his brutal violence. Who has been following him and what will they do with this information?
Stark (Jamie Jack Gordon) returns home after investigating another crime scene, perhaps he can shed light on the growing number of corpses found suffocated.
Heather (Margaret Ann Bain) has a violent boyfriend, an unfulfilling job and her brother’s in a critical condition in hospital. She is reaching breaking point and her fragile state of mind is threatening to spiral into powerful rage.

This story revolves around the dark bonds that link seemingly disparate characters and the horrific crimes committed when no one is really looking.
Self-preservation is the link between them but similar interests do not always lead to making friends when the goal is making ugly.

Made on a £7000 budget and shot in 74 days. I'm a sucker for Indies. This one looks like no exception. Check it out:

Making Ugly Official Trailer from Squarebox Yellow on Vimeo.



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