Kazed video reviews: Thor (2011)

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[spoiler]Oh my gaaad. After months of long waiting, was it worth it? Maybe. Maybe not. I'll tell you. I did enjoy the mini Avengers references in the film, these got me excited with aggression like a geek on steroids.

Chris Hemsworth as The Mighty Thor was more than entertaining and was well worthy to play such a role. The way that he delivered the dialogue is exactly how I imagined he would in the comics, so kudos to whoever was behind the casting of Mr Hemsworth.

The film had the right balance of all things awesome: it had brilliant visuals, the action was satisfying, the humour was there, little nods to the upcoming Avengers film, and of course the compulsory post-credits scene and comic references.

On the other hand though, the film was ever so formulaic. We had a hero (Hemsworth), a heroine (Natalie Portman), the antagonist (Jared Leto Tom Hiddleston), and of course we had the comic relief (Kat Dennings). But then, I can't really fault the film on that, I mean it's a comic adaptation, so there's bound to be some clichéd-ness in it.

But let's not shy away from the goodness of the film.

Anthony Hopkins playing Odin was a stroke of genius. He portrayed the father of Thor with absolute...panache, would be the only word to describe it.

It's not over yet though. Oh no. With Captain America: The First Avenger set for release in a month or so, one can only DREAM of what's in store for Comic geeks and fans everywhere.

I give this a 6/10. If it wasn't for the clichés and other repetitive junk that it would've been higher, but there was no avoiding that.[/spoiler]




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