Relentless Energy Drink presents Short Stories: “All In”

Pro-shredders and all-round European scene legends, Lennie Burmeister and Christoph “Willow” Wildgrube, star in All In, Mark Nickels passionate tribute to the joys of skating, set in the vibrant metropolis of Berlin.
The second entry in Relentless Energy Short Stories 2011 short film competition, All In, is very much a personal expression for skate videographer Mark Nickels. The Washington DC native, now operating out of Kreuzberg, Berlin, has managed to capture the feelings of skaters across the world.
Hooking up with German pro-skate heroes, Lennie Burmeister and, Relentless Energy rider, Willow, Mark paints a stirring picture of what it is to love your sport. Not to do it for the fame or the glory, but to make sacrifices, work jobs you don’t want to, all for those moments when the wheels hit the pavement and you can focus on the thing you truly care about.

Set against the back drop of the Berlin streets, Mark succeeds in bringing this unpredictable city to life.
The title, All In, was inspired by Mark’s father’s dedication to his own passion. “My dad was a professional poker player later in his life, after his 31 year career in the US Air Force. He worked all his life to support our family and when he retired, he did something he had a real passion for. He lived my story…We had so much in common and I saw my dad have the same ups and downs as I was having with skating.”

Using a combination of narrative film making, a strikingly honest voice over, and, of course, the awesome skills his two subjects, Mark has created a film that is full of heart, a testament to his focus and dedication, and a great example of what Skate film making should be.
“'All in' is also a mindset, if you are not willing to do what you have to in order to make something happen, then why try? If you are going to do anything in life, you have to go for it 200%. I want to have no regrets in my life…”


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