TV on Movieville: The Walking Dead TV Series (2010-)

I saw an advert (Or commercial for you yanks) for this last night. It was like a 15 second spot, and based on that, I needed to see this show.

Think of The Walking Dead as 28 Days Later, meets uh...TV? Yeah. 28 Days Later on TV. I'm about three episodes into the show and, really I think it's sheer brilliance.

The Walking Dead is a comic book of the same name, and it's based around a sheriff who goes by the name of Rick Grimes, portrayed by Andrew Lincoln in the show.

What is it about? Well, it's about this cop guy, who's on patrol with his friend and colleague, when they get a call on the radio. So they go check this out, and set up a road block to stop these guys who are being chased by some more cops. They get stopped by the road block and a shootout ensues. Grimes gets shot and consequently goes into a coma of sorts. When he wakes up, he finds out that the USA's gone to shit. I guess that's the first episode in a nutshell, WOOPS. MY BAD.

Anyway, the show is an amazing blend of a great story and intense action. Quite possibly one of the best shows to grace television in recent times. I said ONE OF, not THE, geez, get off my back.

So far, the show is great. I can probably see it getting boring if they don't keep things fresh, but if it's done right, it'll be a hell of a show.



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